The Art of Acting

The Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts (KADA) is a leading centre for training actors and directors, with an international reputation.  It is also the only drama school in Europe, and possibly the world, whose acting techniques, theory and practice are published and are widely available in a developed form – see The Science of Acting;  Routledge.  The text book explains the processes founded and developed within the institute.

Academy’s Showreel

So, what is the Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts all about? Have a look at our showreel and see what some of our graduates have to say about it!

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Every year the Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts graduates a limited number of highly trained professionals. Here are but a few. Eddie Marsan, actor, alumnus & Patron. Gangs of New York, Miami Vice, Mission: Impossible III, Vera Drake, Secrets and Lies, 21 Grams,… Read More

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