The Academy was founded in 1991 by the late Sam Kogan, a past student of Maria Knebel at GITIS, Moscow.  Knebel was a student and later colleague of Konstantin Stanislavski

In September 1995, after 18 months of continuous visits by various inspectors who had checked everything from the fire certificate to the quality of the final productions of the directing students, we became the first drama school to be recognised as efficient by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education (BAC). The BAC is a registered charity, whose members are chosen by many of the organisations concerned with maintaining educational standards in Great Britain.

In 2000 the Academy was independently assessed and endorsed by the British Standards Institution.  This system provided a practical means of continually aspiring to the best in, and the monitoring of, all aspects of the Academy including: quality of management, provision of teaching staff, development of courses, efficiency of administration, and satisfaction of our students in respect of the education they receive.

In 2007, the actor and director Neil Sheffield becomes Principal of the Academy.  Sheffield was a student and later colleague of the late Sam Kogan.

In 2009, the official text book on ‘The Science of Acting’ was published by Routledge and is now available worldwide. This book has become a valuable asset to the education we provide. The Kogan Academy is one of the very few (if not only) https://modafprovig.com drama schools in the world with a text book published on the acting technique it has founded and developed.

In June 2013, the Academy was validated by Kingston University and as a result we now offer a BA (Hons) degree programme in Acting. We look forward to developing future collaborations with this highly regarded university.

In April 2014, the Academy undertook an educational oversight by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). This resulted in the Academy being awarded a full-confidence judgement across all of the reviews assessment criteria. The reviews full report gives exceptional commendations to a high number of features regarding the Academy’s management of academic standards and quality of its learning opportunities.

In January 2017 were confirmed as new joint Principals of the Academy Andrew Lukas, graduate and former treasurer under Sam Kogan likewise treasurer and CEO of the Director’s Guild of Great Britain, and Rogelio Nevares, actor, acting teacher and filmmaker.  The Chairman of the Board of Trustees is Taisia Pianov.  During this month also Alex Dower and Nick Cawdron, both Academy graduates and industry professionals, were appointed to the Board of Trustees.

The academic cycle 2017-2018 was chosen as the celebratory year of the 25th Anniversary of the Academy, which for five years has proudly borne the name of its Founder as Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts.