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Thank you for your interest in The School of the Science of Acting and it’s courses. We provide full-time and part-time acting and directing training and after 25 years teaching actors for stage and screen, we are proud to quote the founder of the School:

“Nobody Teaches Better; Nobody Cares More”
Sam Kogan (1946-2004)

Our conservatoire is unique in having a trade-mark technique, developed by our founder Sam Kogan, renowned Russian director, acting teacher and author of the book ‘ The Science of Acting’.

“Everything important to the creation of character and good acting can be found here.”

Richard Brake (The Night King in Game of Thrones, Batman Begins)

What also makes us stand out from other drama schools is that our acting courses have an optional directing module course pathway which students can undertake whilst training.

This directing course pathway is unique in the country; it follows long-standing Russian director training strategies that famously combine tradition and innovation. A fully hands-on course, each of its students direct, among other things, several short and feature length, fully produced theatre productions in our house theatre, covering a variety of genres: drama, comedy, opera, Shakespeare etc…

All students in all of our courses benefit from the directing course because it provides continual performance experience.

“The most honest and expedient route to helping people become the best actors they can be.”

David Bark-Jones (Guy Ritchie’s RocknRolla/ The 39 Steps – West End – lead)

We are offering our 3 year, full-time Diploma course designed by our founder, Sam Kogan, and which has been taught at the Academy for over twenty years.
The evening option (three evenings a week and all day Saturday) is also available and covers the same core content as the full-time course, however allowing its students to combine study with work.

Our shining reports by the Quality Assurance Agency and British Accreditation Council can be accessed online.

“The Science of Acting has given me an ability to create my characters with an individuality and uniqueness.”

Sarah-Marie Maltha (The Killing – Denmark)

We hold auditions throughout the year in London, Stockholm, Lisbon, Berlin and Edinburgh. Please let us know if you are interested in any of our courses so that we can book you for an audition.