The Directing Course


We believe that Directing is one of the most complicated and fascinating of all the arts.  To learn how to direct requires dedication but is also very rewarding.  

At the Academy we also think that the director must first thoroughly understand the creative process of the actor, and learn to act well. This is why the Directing course runs alongside the Acting programme, and your course will begin in the second year of study.  The final fourth year of the Directors Course, is a non fee paying year during which the student director produces and directs their final graduation production.


During the first four terms at the Academy you will study acting only. Following that, we will assess how your artistic talent develops by, among other things, looking how you cope with all the aspects of producing an increasingly complex set of exercises.

Course Information

As well as the subjects of the Acting course, some of the subjects the course will cover may include, but not be limited to:
  • Principles of directing
  • Directing (beginning with a 10-second exercise and ending in a full-length play by the end of the course)
  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • Design
  • Stage management
  • Administration
  • Health and safety
  • Introduction to opera and musical directing
  • History of costume and stage design
  • History of art & music
  • History of theatre

2nd and 3rd Year

You will have to carry out most of the rehearsals for your directing exercises in your own time. You have to be fit enough to attend at least 99% of the time in your first year. If you miss anything more, you won’t be able to catch up. On the directing course you will have to spend five to ten times more time on homework.

Throughout the second and third years of the directing module you will develop the skills of back stage work, stage management, lighting, sound, assistant directing and stage design. You will also learn the importance of Health & Safety in your profession.

Another feature of the directing course is being, in your final year, trainee vice-principal of the Academy on a rota with other students on the course. We will teach you computing and IT skills as well as basic administration and accounting.

4th Year

Directing and organising a full-scale production is the ultimate directing exercise at the Academy. It includes choosing a play, designing, casting, budgeting, publicity, lighting, applying for a license, supervising public performances, taking and giving notes, and so on.

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Acting/Directing Pathway

All film and theatre directors need to be able to act. The examples are numberless from Roman Polanski, John Huston to Jon Favreau (Iron Man) and Sir Kenneth Branagh. Based on Russian traditions, any person wishing to study in our directing course will have had to have trained in our acting course for at least a year. Therefore in effect a person training as a director in our academy will have to remain with us for four years. The last year of study for a director is dedicated to directing a full length, fully produced stage play. By then the directing student will have staged a great number of different exercises from a wide variety of genres, including short plays, self adaptations of short stories and fairy tales.

Click here to download the document that bullet points the key information about both acting and directing courses and how they are embedded into each other.

Fees and Dates

Price£480 per term in addition to acting course fees for years 1-3. £375 per term for year 4 (final).


Teaching year  – official start date 01.09.17

  • Term 1 – 02.10.17 – begins

half term – 06.11.17 – 10.11.17

  • Term 1 – 15.12.17 – ends

Christmas Holidays – 16.12.17 – 07.01.18

  • Term 2 – 08.01.18 – begins

half term – 12.02.18 – 16.02.18

  • Term 2 – 23.03.18 – ends

Easter Holidays – 24.03.18 – 08.04.18

  • Term 3 – 09.04.18 – begins

half term – 14.05.18 – 18.05.18

  • Term 3 – 22.06.18 – ends

Summer Holidays – 23/06.18 – 01.07.18

  • Term 4 – 02.07.18 – begins

Teaching year – official end date – 31.07.18

  • Term 4 – 07.09.18 – ends

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