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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the School provide accommodation?

No.  However, the administration will help you find appropriate accommodation, and ease the transition if you are living away from home for the first time, by facilitating student networking before the course begins.

Can I do the Directing Course on its own or must I do it with the Acting Course?

It is the School’s ethos that to be a good director one must understand what it means to be a good actor. Therefore the Directing Course begins at the start of the second year of the BA(Hons) Acting programme, and must be taken alongside it.

Suppose I apply at the School for One Year and then during the course decide I would like to do the full Three Year degree programme?

This is possible – depending on your development.  Many students have found they have wanted to extend their studies after shorter courses. 

Does the training help me to work in theatre and film?

Yes. The Science of Acting isn’t a technique limited to a single medium – during your course you will also be trained in classes such as ‘acting for camera’, ‘radio technique’ and, on the Directing Course, ‘film-making’.

Can I get student funding for 1,2, & 3 year courses at The School of the Science of Acting?

No.  Please refer to our ‘Funding’ section under APPLYING for more information. 

Can I have a look around the School and meet the students and tutors?

The Open Day is the best opportunity to do this and we have many through out the year, please check the ‘Whats On’ section of our website for dates.  All attendees of the Open Day will have the audition fee reduced to £10.  However if coming to an Open Day is not possible, you may visit the School individually – you will just need to email the School and arrange a time.

What opportunities do you have for students to perform?

During the first term you will be given practical acting exercises, beginning with the basics and growing in complexity.  As we also train directors, you will also be performing in a wide range of director’s exercises from the beginning of your course.  As The School of the Science of Acting’s academic year is 12 months long, we have the benefit of being able to use the (11 week) summer terms for our full productions.  This means that you will undergo 3 full years of vocal, movement and actor training full time, as well as having a wide range of opportunities to perform throughout the year.

I am applying from abroad, how can I pay for my audition?

We accept payment through Paypal or bank transfer.

What are the usual hours of the day?

8.30am to 5.30pm every day.  You will also regularly be required to rehearse during the evenings and weekends.