Science of Acting Book

Science of Acting Book

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The Academy and its highly qualified teachers also provide training to business executives, professional sportsmen and women and individuals keen to succeed from all over the world. This training, as well as the Academy as a whole, is underpinned by the Science of Acting. The Science of Acting was developed as an acting technique in which the actor is educated in the nature, patterns and classification of thoughts. It is applied well beyond the world of acting and theatre, however, to all high-performance environments.

The Science of Acting enables individuals to recognise patterns of thinking and behaviour that prevent them from achieving their aims, and to create new patterns instead that allow them to maximize their potential and produce the highest quality performance. This groundbreaking technique has its roots in the Stanislavski Method, and is founded on nearly 25 years of study and research within cognitive science and performance.

The Academy teaches people how to discover and recognise these patterns and their purpose, and to apply this understanding to their performances – whether these are on stage, on centre court, or in the boardroom. This method also builds confidence and communication skills, bringing positive change to organisations and teams.

Recent examples of programmes that apply the Science of Acting outside of the dramatic arts include training celebrities, professional footballers and professional tennis players to re-examine their approaches to performance, retail customer service development and executive coaching at multinationals.

At its core, the Science of Acting increases individuals’ awareness, allowing them to identify thoughts which hinder success or fulfilment, and to dissipate them. As a result, individuals, teams and organisations are able to create and achieve far higher standards of performance.

Programmes & training

The Academy runs programmes all over the world, including London, New York, Moscow, Paris and Los Angeles. Training is immersive and absorbs the dedicated student. Sessions are one-to-one or in small groups.

Each programme starts by looking at the simple nature of thoughts, how all thoughts are connected, and how experiences formulate and shape our thoughts and lives. Topics such as, the role of “purposes” is thoroughly explored alongside the Mindprint. As unique to individuals as their fingerprints, the Mindprint encapsulates all the generalised thoughts an individual has about the world. These often conspire against purpose, and the Science of Acting helps individuals resolve this conflict. Sessions can also be physically demanding, and may include stage combat, dance and acrobatics. Yoga and meditation is practiced daily.

In addition to private coaching and professional development training, the Academy offers one, two and three-year programmes, short courses, workshops and an International Summer School. Full-time programmes typically run from 8.30 to 5.30, Monday through Friday. Private training is bespoke and scheduled according to clients’ requirements and timetables.


Partnerships are vital to the Academy’s purpose. Current collaborations include a potential co-production with the world-famous Almeida Theatre, course development with Trinity College London, and bespoke training delivery for SENSE, a national charity that supports and campaigns for deaf and blind children and adults.

The Academy is currently seeking new partners to extend its reach into professional sports and business.

Academy background

The Academy was founded in London in 1991. Its headquarters are a converted Victorian warehouse in Islington, comprising five acting studios and a theatre. Plans are also underway to develop a 350 seat public theatre in an adjoining factory space.

The Academy is registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales and accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further & Higher Education. Bachelors and Masters of Arts degrees at the Academy are currently being validated by Kingston University.

Founder, teachers, patrons & alumni

Sam Kogan, Founder (d.2004), author of The Science of Acting. Studied at Moscow Institute of Theatre Art from 1966 – 1971, taught in many of London’s leading drama schools after immigrating to the UK in 1974.

Neil Sheffield, Principal of the Kogan Academy, actor & director. Lead roles to critical acclaim in London’s West End & theatres around the world, while developing the Science of Acting in the UK  & world wide.

Eddie Marsan, actor, alumnus & Patron. Gangs of New York, Miami Vice, Mission: Impossible III, Vera Drake, Secrets and Lies, 21 Grams, Jack the Giant Slayer, Sherlock Holmes

Kate Marlow, Academy teacher, coach and TV presenter. Has applied the Science of Acting to TV reality formats, including Model Turned Actor, Reality Check and Faking It, as well as to professionals and young people in behaviour therapy.

Richard Brake, actor, alumnus: Cold Mountain, Batman Begins, Doom, The Black Dahlia, Hannibal Rising, Halloween II, Water for Elephants, Thor: The Dark World

Phil Bulcock, actor, alumnus. Jersey Boys, Batman Returns, Ordinary Lies, Spectral

David Bark Jones, actor, alumnus. Pride and Prejudice, Sixty Six, The Da Vinci Code, Rock’n’Rolla, Erased

Irfan Hussein, actor, alumnus. War Horse, Inside Men, Waking the Dead

There are over 1,000 graduates of the Academy from countries including the US, UK, Russia, Australia, Brazil and Japan. Most countries in mainland Europe and Scandinavia are also represented.