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Science of Acting Book

Science of Acting Book

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The School and its highly qualified teachers also provide training to business executives, professional sportsmen and women and individuals keen to succeed from all over the world. This training, as well as the School as a whole, is underpinned by the Science of Acting. The Science of Acting was developed as an acting technique in which the actor is educated in the nature, patterns and classification of thoughts. It is applied well beyond the world of acting and theatre, however, to all high-performance environments.

The Science of Acting enables individuals to recognise patterns of thinking and behaviour that prevent them from achieving their aims, and to create new patterns instead that allow them to maximize their potential and produce the highest quality performance. This groundbreaking technique has its roots in the Stanislavski Method, and is founded on nearly 25 years of study and research within cognitive science and performance.

The School teaches people how to discover and recognise these patterns and their purpose, and to apply this understanding to their performances – whether these are on stage, on centre court, or in the boardroom. This method also builds confidence and communication skills, bringing positive change to organisations and teams.

Recent examples of programmes that apply the Science of Acting outside of the dramatic arts include training celebrities, professional footballers and professional tennis players to re-examine their approaches to performance, retail customer service development and executive coaching at multinationals.

At its core, the Science of Acting increases individuals’ awareness, allowing them to identify thoughts which hinder success or fulfilment, and to dissipate them. As a result, individuals, teams and organisations are able to create and achieve far higher standards of performance.

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