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Science of Acting – Personal Development

How can the Science of Acting, an acting technique, be an incredibly-valuable tool in your every day life, and help you continue to develop and grow, no matter what your age and background?

Well, the Science of Acting could also be called the Science of Happiness.

This unique body of knowledge explains our consciousness in clear, no-nonsense terms. Among other insights, it also clarifies how our thought processes, that are usually invisible to us, have been created, why they are there, and how they effect our lives.

If any of these invisible (unconscious) thoughts are causing problems in your life (such as unhappiness, stress, relationship difficulties, depression, low self-esteem, failures, and so on) and thus https://viasilden.com creating obstacles to achieving what you want – within a few classes of the Science of Acting you will start to learn how to identify these thoughts and how to deal with them – simply – so they are no longer a cause of stress or suffering.

We teach the Science of Acting and Personal Development, currently as 1-1 classes and group sessions with an experienced tutor.

Learning the Science of Acting will be a fascinating journey – and not only of self discovery.

We are currently offering free 1 to 1 taster sessions.  To book your free session and to find out more please email the Academy at – info@scienceofacting.com