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Science of Acting in Sport

Are you involved in professional sport?  Then please read on…

In a nutshell, understanding the Science of Acting is learning ‘why we think the way we do and how to change it’.  I.e. If any of our patterns of thinking are acting as obstacles to the achievement of personal goals, or for some reason we can’t perform at our optimum – at the time when we really need to; the Science of Acting will provide the answers with accessible and clear knowledge: thus helping you achieve your objectives, simply.

This knowledge can help you in any facet of your life.

For the past five years we have been teaching the Science of Acting to professional sports people and teams.  Helping them perform at their very best and in a state of inspiration, free from any thoughts that may cause stress and the fear that so often precede failure.

We are currently offering a free trial in the Science of Acting to anyone involved in professional sport.  If you would like to find out more please email info@scienceofacting.com