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Evening Acting Course

The part-time Evening Acting Course offers an accessible route to learning the Science of Acting – the most complete acting technique in the world today.  The classes have been carefully designed to meet the needs of all levels, from complete beginners to working professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of their art. The academic year ends with a full production, were students will be thoroughly guided into putting what they have learned during the course, conscientiously into practice.  The classes also cater to those seeking a better understanding of the industry as a whole, and those who are looking to further develop their skills, inspiration and insight into the profession. All our teachers have experience of performing in the industry, from theatre and film to West End shows such as Jersey Boys and The 39 steps.

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The course is centred upon a core-acting syllabus, with the addition of other subjects relevant to professional development. With an approach rooted in the Stanislavski system we will show you the fundamentals of the craft from your first term. You will be taught the Science of Acting, the most complete acting technique in the world today.

The Course culminates in a final production, worked on during the summer term, directed by a professional director using the Science of Acting. The summer term requires you to attend class 3 nights a week and possibly more dates closer to the performance.

Core Syllabus:

We will teach you to focus your attention where you and the director have decided it should be. You will learn to move your attention without thinking about it.

Have you ever thought that playing the same part again and again might become boring after the excitement of a few opening nights? No job is ever boring if you are inspired and the same is true of acting. By the end of the first term you will know how to become inspired before a show, rehearsal, or at anytime by using a simple technique.

Free-body (Relaxation):
It is quite common in the theatre for an actor to say to a director that what he or she is doing feels “awkward”. This is because the actor’s body is not used to the movement or posture he or she is being asked for. You can free your body from holding onto or picking up habits which are useless for an actor, and prepare it to accept the new character’s physicality. Having learnt how to do this, you can create characters with any kind of physicality with much more ease.

Everything we do in life, whether it is soothing a child, scratching our neck, sending money to a charity or robbing a bank, is to achieve a purpose – to make ourselves happy. We are unaware of most of our purposes but they are what stage characters should be based on. As the course unfolds you will learn how to understand purposes and how to hold the purposes of the character you are playing. You will also aquire the ability to see what purposes characters have in plays.

Creating a Character:
By the end of the course you will not only have a very thorough understanding of what a character is, but how to create one in any timescale: from a few seconds at an audition, to 8 weeks of rehearsal. The range of Acting exercises chosen on the course are designed to slowly build up the Actor’s skill and versatility from simple exercises to more complex pieces, culminating in full productions. Continuous guidance, whilst building on other stage skills at the same time (Stage Combat, Dance, etc), will ensure you are fully prepared for the profession.

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There are no age restrictions on the Evening Acting Course. You must be a fluent English speaker. No previous acting experience is required.

There is no application deadline for this course but we advise you to apply early, as places are limited.

An audition is not required for entry onto the part-time evening course.

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Dates and Fees


Next part-time evening course

23rd January – 9th March

Monday and Thursday evenings, 7.15 pm – 10.00 pm

Fee £480